About Jeremy Neil Spalding

I make models of buildings in clay.

They are are all hand made and hand decorated. No moulds or sprays are used. The most complex, Blakesley Hall, is made out of 58 separate pieces of clay.

Ceramic model of Blakeskey Hall

Blakesley Hall

None of them are exact replicas. They represent my interpretation: I may omit details or accentuate certain features. Many of the buildings still exist, but perhaps not fulfilling their original function. Some have long disappeared, but from research into old plans and photographs I have been able to recreate them.

They are mainly buildings with a function such as mills, barns, pumping stations, stables, engine houses and dovecotes. They reflect my interest in the history and architecture of the industrial and agricultural buildings which are part of our heritage and are becoming few and far between. There are also other buildings which have taken my fancy and these range from a small chateau to mediaeval merchants houses.

Mostly these buildings are raku fired, but to give variety and interest, some are fired as stoneware, whilst others are traditionally lustred earthen-ware.

The height of the models range from about 8 cm. to 23 cm.

To the right is a list of forthcoming venues where my work can be seen.



Venues for 2021.

(f) = free entry
(c)= admission charged

My work is available in the  TIM HAWKINS GALLERY in CHURCH STREET, HEREFORD which is just a very few minutes walk from the Cathedral.

24 July to 31 July * 
Exhibiting daily with the Hereford Guild of Craftsmen at the Three Choirs Festival Worcester within the cathedral precinct. Details of opening hours and my stewarding days to follow.

28/29/30 July  Dame Catherine Arts Exhibition in the Village Hall next to Dame Catherine Harpurs School, Rose Lane, in Ticknall. Derbyshire, postcode DE73 7JW
  Open Daily 09.00 to 18.00 (f)  Refreshments available all day.  

 28/29/30 July Dame Catherine Arts Exhibition Online is running at the same time as the live exhibition with a different set of models. please contact arts@damecatherines.org

24/25/26 September    Malvern Autumn Show in Bay 2 of the Wye Hall, Bay 2 in the Three Counties Showground.  Open Daily 09.00 to 18.00 ( c) *

Models  may be purchased online. Please read details of how to do this on the Purchasing Details section  of this website.

This interview was made in connection with the online Dame Catherine Art Exhibition August 2020:

ORDERS ?  PLEASE RING ME ON  01527 894229

* means exhibiting with the Guild of Herefordshire Craftsmen
(c) means there is a charge for entry to the showground
(f) means free entry to the exhibition